ornament flower embellishment (free download)

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[filedownload file=”https://enlivendesigns.us/wp-content/uploads/112013/Scrapbook/embellishment/ornament_flower_embellishment.png”] Click to download ornament flower embellishment[/filedownload][filedownload_counter file=”https://enlivendesigns.us/wp-content/uploads/112013/Scrapbook/embellishment/ornament_flower_embellishment.png”] ([/filedownload_counter] downloads)

4 thoughts on “ornament flower embellishment (free download)”

  1. I would like to know if I can use thèses ornaments to create papers for a freebie ( I’give your link in the crédits)

    1. Yes. This image is public domain as far as I know. I’d appreciate a link though. Let me know when you post the freebie and I’ll share your link as well. Thanks :)

        1. Not everything is vintage, but most things are. A lot of my papers I made, also some of the frames and embellishments. I guess if it looks digitally made, stick to personal use. If it looks like a painting, illustration or drawing (line drawing) I found it in old books and it should be public domain. Some of the things “I” made, i’ve used parts from other people’s freebies as well. So just be aware, whatever you use, is at your own risk of copyright infringement. (But, Obviously I feel confident enough to post in the first place…)

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